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Pursuant to C.G.S. Section 4-66k and C.G.S. Section 4-66r, as amended by Sections 179-180 of Public Act 21-2 June Special Session


For FY 22, Sections 179-180 of Public Act 21-2 of the June Special Session require OPM to distribute regional services grants (RSG) to councils of governments (COGs) in the amount of one hundred eighty-five thousand five hundred dollars plus sixty-eight cents per capita, using population information from the most recent federal decennial census.   The OPM Secretary must also approve a FY 22 spending plan for each COG before an RSG award can be executed.


Grantees click HERE for required contract submittal information.

The chart below depicts the calculation of each COG’s share of FY 22 RSG.  The right side of the chart depicts the payment schedule and amounts for each payment.



Click THIS LINK for invoicing instructions and the required invoice form.


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR GRANTEES: Grantees must notify OPM by no later than June 1, 2022 if they do not anticipate fully expending their FY 22 RSG by June 30, 2022 and may request a no-cost extension for a period to be negotiated with OPM.  Extension requests must be approved by OPM and fully executed by June 30, 2022. (Note: “fully expended” means that the COG has received the goods or services procured with RSG funds by the contract expiration date, while payment of any invoice(s) associated with such goods or services may continue to be processed after the end of the grant period.)


Please direct any questions related to required submittal documents, contracts or payments to:

Susan Sousa, (860) 418-6431,

Please direct any programmatic questions to:

Daniel Morley, (860)418-6343,