Equalized Net Grand List by Town

The Office of Policy and Management annually develops the full-value estimate of all taxable property within the 169 towns and cities. A ratio of assessment to market value is calculated from real estate sales occurring within each town and city. A separate ratio and full-value estimate is listed for four property types: residential, apartment, commercial/industrial/public utility and vacant land.



GL 2019     Extension of Reporting

GL 2018     equalized net grand list

GL 2017     equalized net grand list

GL 2016     equalized net grand list

GL 2015     equalized net grand list 

GL 2014     equalized net grand list 

GL 2013     equalized net grand list 

GL 2012     equalized net grand list 

GL 2011     equalized net grand list 

GL 2010     equalized net grand list 

GL 2009     equalized net grand list 

GL 2008     equalized net grand list

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