The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) working with municipal officials has collected financial information at the local account level from the trial balances of municipalities.  The local accounts have been mapped (cross-walked) to the Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA) that was developed for Connecticut municipalities.  However, the mapping was not a one-for-one mapping of each municipality's local accounts and was instead based upon levels of mapping as determined by OPM.  Both the local account information from each municipality's trial balance and the uniform account mappings of such local account information (the "raw data") is maintained in the Municipal Data Warehouse. 
The mapping of the local account financial information allows logical benchmarking of the data and comparisons of municipal financial information among municipalities.  The Benchmarking Application enables users to query and view predefined charts and graphs of the mapped financial information.  In addition a set of standard reports based upon the mapped financial information is provided.

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The raw data maintained in the Municipal Data Warehouse is presented on the CT Open Data Portal in a user friendly viewing mode and can be downloaded to several software applications.
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