Single Audit Compliance Supplement (State)
The State Single Audit Compliance Supplement is a publication which assists independent auditors and state financial assistance recipients in completing the compliance testing requirements of the State Single Audit. It is patterned after the federal publications issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to supplement OMB Circulars and Uniform Guidance. Supplement users should ensure that they are using the correct edition of the Supplement (including any updates thereto). The latest edition of the State Single Audit Compliance Supplement is the 2020-21 edition published in May, 2021.  The latest two editions are available free of charge as indicated below under "Documents".


2020-21 Edition (with revisions as of 7-7-2021):  2021 Compliance Supplement

2019-20 Edition (with revisions as of 11-9-2020):  2020 Compliance Supplement




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