Municipal Fiscal Indicators
Description Municipal Fiscal Indicators is an annual compendium of information compiled by the Office of Policy and Management, Office of Finance, Municipal Finance Services Unit (MFS). The data contained in Indicators provides key financial and demographic information on municipalities in Connecticut.

Municipal Fiscal Indicators contains the most current financial data available for each of Connecticut's 169 municipalities. The majority of this data was compiled from the audited financial statements that are filed annually with the State of Connecticut, Office of Policy and Management, Office of Finance. This database of information includes selected demographic and economic data relating to, or having an impact upon, a municipality‚Äôs financial condition. The most recent edition is for the Fiscal Years Ended 2015-2019 was produced in April of 2021 based upon a new platform using the State Analytical and Reporting System (STARS).

The latest information is available on-line only and is not available in book format

2015-2019 Edition

Note:  The 2015-19 Edition was produced and published on a new platform not derived from a Microsoft Access Database.  Therefore, beginning with this edition, and for future editions, the underlying data will not be available via a Microsoft Access Database.

2014-2018 Edition

2013-2017 Edition

2012-2016 Edition (Information revised February 7, 2018 for the Tax Exempt Property data beginning on Page B-25)

2011-2015 Edition

2010-2014 Edition

2009-2013 Edition  (Revised on February 3, 2015 for the grand list year 2012 net grand list)

2008-2012 Edition

2006-2010 Edition (Last modified on January 13, 2012)

2005-2009 Edition

2004-2008 Edition

2003-2007 Edition

FI 2003-2007 Database

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