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Governor’s Press Releases on Increasing Efficiency/Lean

January 2017 - Recognition of State's New Online Regulations System and Lean Efficiency Protocols

December 2016 - Significant Improvements in DMV Wait Times

October 2016 - Funding to Upgrade DMV Customer Contact Center

January 2016 - State's Use of Lean Tools Makes Government More Responsive and Efficient

October 2015 - We Must Put Connecticut's Budget on a More Stable, Sustainable Path

July 2015 - Launch of New State Regulations Website

September 2014 - New DMV Mobile App

June 2014 - Legislation Eliminating Nearly 1,000 Pages of State Regulations

May 2014 - New DMV Appointment Centers and Upgrades

April 2014- New Uniform Licensing Process Will Increase Efficiency for State, Providers

October 2013 - State Government is Leaner, More Cost Effective

March 2013 - Directs Agencies to Implement Lean Processes that Create Further Efficiencies

September 2012 - Progress Being Made in Changing State Government

January 2012 - Gov. Malloy Proposes Additional Agency Consolidations

June 2011 - Work to Streamline State Government Underway

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Program to Improve Vermont Outcomes Together (PIVOT)

Colorado Lean Program Office

Rhode Island Office of Strategic Management

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Maryland Office of Performance Management

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