Local Justice Assistance Grant (JAG-Local) Grant Program

Projects and Examples

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2019 JAG Local VCP Grant Program- the State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management (OPM) is providing grants to assist local police departments with violent crime prevention and public safety improvements.

The grant is funded by the federal Justice Assistance Formula Grant (JAG) program.

  • This is a “one-time” grant. 

  • No future “continuation” or “supplemental” funds are available.

  • Primary purpose of this grant is to assist local governments with preventing violent crime and improving public safety. 


    The 2019 JAG Local VCP grant must address one or more of the following purpose areas:

  • Reduce and prevent violent crime and gun violence

  • Reduce and prevent gang/groups violence

  • Support and expand community policing strategies

  • Improve police response to domestic violence and sexual assault crime 

  • Improve police response to mentally ill offenders

    A link to the current Allocation Distribution list can be found here: OPTION_C