Municipalities will be notified when the next STEAP grant period is open and accepting applications.  There is not a set schedule and is at the discretion of the Governor and OPM

Preserving the historical integrity and beauty of our small towns is vital to our economy and quality of life. The Small Town Economic Assistance Program (CGS Section 4-66g) funds economic development, community conservation and quality-of-life capital projects for localities that are ineligible to receive Urban Action (CGS Section 4-66c) bonds.  This program is managed by the Office of Policy and Management, and the grants are administered by various state agencies. Municipalities will be notified when the application process is open for the intake of new applications.  Only those applications submitted by eligible Connecticut municipalities which conform to application guidelines will be accepted. Entities other than eligible Connecticut municipalities are not entitled to apply for STEAP grants.
2022 STEAP Program Guidelines
Governor Announces 2022 STEAP Awards

2022 STEAP Award Listing

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Municipalities are reminded that any announcement or notification of an award does not constitute a contract, and as such the municipality should not incur any STEAP grant funded expenditures until it has a fully executed contract/agreement with the agency assigned to administer its award. Expenditures incurred before the start date or after the end date of the fully executed contract/agreement will not be eligible for reimbursement.

STEAP Past Award Listing - STEAP 2005 to 2022
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STEAP Opt-In Information: Provisions & Eligibility
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For programmatic questions, please contact Martin.Heft@ct.govor 860.418.6355