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  • Application Period Open for Consumer Advocate Representatives

    Office of Health Strategy is now accepting applications for consumer representatives on the Consumer Advisory Board. We are seeking consumers and advocates who are experienced in dealing with health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, mental illness, or drug and alcohol abuse. We need a diverse and balanced mix of participants, and will consider life experience, individual circumstances, source of coverage, race/ethnicity, and health conditions. Candidates should be comfortable sharing views; have good problem-solving skills and be willing to work with others. Most of all, serving as a consumer representative provides an opportunity to learn about healthcare in Connecticut, to advocate for change, and to be the voice of the consumer. Applications are due by November 28, 2018.

  • Application Period Open for Practice Transformation Task Force Consumer Advocate Representatives

    The CT Office of Health Strategy State Innovation Model is seeking two adult representatives to serve on the Practice Transformation Task Force. Practice Transformation Task Force advanced medical home standards; provide advice on practice transformation processes; foster alignment with other care delivery models in the state (e.g., DMHAS behavioral health homes); and provide ongoing advice during implementation. We seek consumers and advocates experienced in dealing with health conditions. Life experience, individual circumstances, source of health insurance and race or ethnicity are considered. Applications are due by November 28, 2018.