Executive Director

Welcome to the Office of Health Strategy website. Our mission is to implement comprehensive, data driven strategies that promote equal access to high quality health care, control costs and ensure better health for the people of Connecticut. We invite you to learn more about our work and to participate in our public meetings and work groups. We are dedicated to better health at lower costs for everyone in our state.

Connecticut needs clear vision to help the residents of our state secure the care they need in the complex and rapidly-changing world of health care delivery and payment. We need to make the best use of information and data from many sources so that we can find models that work and test them to make sure they support better health for our people and contain costs. And we need to break down barriers and transform the ways in which we work together so that government, health care providers, payers and consumers can drive the best ideas for Connecticut.

I am honored to work with a creative and talented team of people in OHS, colleagues in state government, stakeholders from all sectors, health care consumers, and elected officials to transform and improve our health care systems so that we can all enjoy better health. That is the goal we pursue every day.

I hope you find helpful information on this website.  We'd love to hear from you with ideas, questions and information. Please attend our public meetings, sign up for our emails, and feel free to contact us at ohs@ct.gov.

Thank you,
Kimberly R. Martone
Acting Executive Director

About the Executive Director

Kimberly R. Martone is the Acting Executive Director of the Office of Health Strategy. On July 8, 2022 Governor Lamont announced Kimberly's appointment to to continue the office's mission to implement comprehensive, data driven strategies that promote equal access to high quality health care, control costs and ensure better health for the people of Connecticut.

Under her leadership, the office thus far has:

  • Launched a health care quality scorecard and cost estimator tool to help consumers compare the quality and cost of health care in Connecticut
  • Secured a $12 million federal grant to support the development of health information exchange services
  • Incorporated the first cost caps for hospital and hospital system mergers and acquisitions to contain health care price growth
  • Begun development of a health care affordability standard in Connecticut

Prior to her recent appointment, Kimberly served as Deputy Director and Chief of Staff at the Office of Health Strategy, where she directed and supervised 35 staff and the Business and Legal Office functions of the agency.  

Kimberly is responsible for taking on the initiatives of the Executive Director and agency on state government health policy initiatives, overall staff management and planning, program coordination and planning, oversight of fiscal operations, development and management of policies and procedures, management of human resources, coordination with other state offices and agencies, compliance with statutory requirements, overseeing of consumer engagement activities and administration of the Certificate of Need program and Hospital Reporting System under the Health Systems Planning unit.  

Kim has over 25 years of experience in state government overseeing and directing state health care regulatory and policy initiatives.