Members of the public have reported receiving calls, reportedly from the Judicial Branch of the Public Defender’s office, indicating that their loved one is in jail and they need to immediately send cash or provide a credit card number for bail. These calls are scams, so please do not send cash or provide your credit card number or any other personal information. A public defender would never call and ask for money or credit card information. If you receive such a call, contact the State Police in your state.

State of Connecticut

Connecticut Innocence Project / Post Conviction Unit
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The Connecticut Innocence Project of the Division of Public Defender Services for the State of Connecticut seeks to assist indigent individuals who are convicted of crimes for which they are innocent. In order for us to assist you, the following must apply to you:

1. You must be indigent; in other words, you must be unable to afford to hire your own attorney.
2. You must be factually innocent of the crime for which you have already been convicted. “Factually innocent” means that you are not the person who committed the crime.
3. You must be serving a Connecticut sentence.
4. Your sentence must include at least a ten year period of incarceration.
5. You must be no less than five years from your estimated release date.
6. There must be some new evidence in your case which would establish your innocence. New evidence is evidence which was not known at the time of your sentencing. Such evidence may be the result of further investigation, or new or additional forensic testing.

If your case fits the above criteria, please completely answer the Connecticut Innocence Project request for assistance form and send it to:

Connecticut Innocence Project / Post Conviction Unit
55 Farmington Avenue 8th Floor
Hartford, Connecticut 06105

Please keep in mind that this process can take a very long time, therefore, you should continue to pursue any other legal action which you may have already started.

Thank you.