NOTICE: DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS, CONNECTICUT JUDICIAL BRANCH OPERATIONS HAVE BEEN CONSOLIDATED INTO ONE COURTHOUSE IN EACH JUDICIAL DISTRICT. THE PUBLIC DEFENDER’S OFFICE WILL BE OPEN IN THOSE COURTHOUSES WITH A SKELETON CREW. ONLY ARRAIGNMENTS ARE BEING DOCKETED. ALL OTHER CASES HAVE BEEN CONTINUED BY THE CLERK’S OFFICE. Please go to for the list of open courthouses or to check for your continuance dates, as you may be unable to contact your lawyer during this time. If you have a question about an arraignment case, please contact the Public Defender office at the open courthouse. If there is an emergency, you can contact the Office of Chief Public Defender at 860 509 6400 OCPD website.

Division of Public Defender Services
Commission Meetings 2020

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Commission Members

Attorney Thomas J. Rechen, Chairman
Attorney G. Kenneth Bernhard
Attorney Ramona Mercado-Espinoza
Honorable Elpedio N. Vitale

Honorable William R, Dyson
Honorable Hillary Strackbein
Aimee Golbert, LCSW

Below is our currently scheduled Commission Meetings





October 1, 2019 Hartford October Agenda October Minutes
November 5, 2019 Hartford November Agenda November Minutes
December 3, 2019 Hartford December Agenda December Minutes
January 7, 2020 Hartford January Agenda January Minutes
February 4, 2020 Hartford February Agenda
February Minutes
March 10, 2020 Hartford March Agenda March Minutes
April 7, 2020 Hartford Canceled  Canceled
May 5, 2020 Hartford May Agenda  May Minutes
June 2, 2020 Hartford June Agenda
June Minutes
July 7, 2020 Hartford July Agenda July Minutes
August 4, 2020 Hartford August Agenda
August Minutes
September 1, 2020 Hartford September Agenda September Minutes
October 6, 2020 Hartford October Agenda October Minutes
November 3, 2020 Hartford November Agenda November Minutes
December 1, 2020 Hartford December Agenda December Minutes

Meeting Locations:

Hartford - Office of Chief Public Defender, 30 Trinity Street, 4th Floor, Hartford, Connecticut

Meeting Time: 4:30pm