The Connecticut Newborn Diagnosis and Treatment Network

The Connecticut Newborn Diagnosis and Treatment Network (The Network) is a statewide network funded through the CT Department of Public Health. Established at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and in partnership with Yale New Haven Hospital, the Network will respond to all reports of infants who have a newborn screen that flagged out of range. The Connecticut Newborn Screening (CT NBS) Program at the State Laboratory will continue to call an infant’s primary care provider (PCP) or hospital-based medical provider (HBMP) with an out of range result, and will either request a repeat heel-stick specimen or report the result to the Network for further follow up.

In coordination with the infant’s PCP or HBMP, the Network will begin the diagnostic work-up, and provide support to both the family and health care team. If an infant confirms positive for a disorder, the Network will coordinate treatment and long-term follow-up care for the condition identified, working with PCPs, hospitals and specialists statewide.

Upon receipt of an out of range result, a Network Coordinator will:

  • Contact the infant’s PCP or HBMP to obtain some brief information about the baby and to discuss next steps.
  • Consult with the appropriate specialist, place follow up lab orders or make recommendations for lab orders (when appropriate) and/or schedule an appointment if necessary.
  • Notify your practice of recommended follow-up.

The PCP will still be responsible for:

  • Contacting the family to notify them of out of range results, and communicate the need for diagnostic testing.

The network is working to develop tools to assist PCPs in communicating this information to families. 

For more information on the Network and how the Network supports parents and providers, please see Connecticut Newborn Diagnosis and Treatment Network

Connecticut Newborn Diagnosis and Treatment Network