Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Symposium on EEE and Other Mosquito-Borne Diseases in Connecticut (March 9, 2020)

Symposium Agenda
Reflections on the Ecology and Epidemiology of EEE in the Northeastern US
EEE in Connecticut: Risk Assessment and Response to the 2019 Outbreak
Mosquito Surveillance for EEE Virus and Other Arboviruses in Connecticut
Biology, Ecology, and Feeding Behavior of Mosquitoes in Connecticut
Options for Mosquito Control


Mosquito Protection Guard Your Yard and Your Self - Updated January 2019

Mosquito Protection for Your Pets and Property - Updated January 2019

Personal Protection Against Mosquitoes Using Repellents - Updated January 2019

West Nile Virus - Human Infection - Updated January 2019

Mosquito Control Using Larvicide - Updated January 2019


Protección contra Mosquitos Seguridad para su Jardín y Usted Mismo - Updated January 2019

Protección de Mascotas y Propiedades Contra Mosquitos - Updated January 2019

Protección Personal Usando Repelentes - Updated January 2019

Virus del Oeste del Nilo Infección Humana - Updated January 2019

Control de Mosquitos Usando Larvicidas - Updated January 2019


State of Connecticut Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) Plan - July 14, 2020

Zika Virus Surveillance and Response Plan - April 22, 2016

West Nile Virus Surveillance and Response Plan  - Updated July 2012

Larvicide Plan - Strategies for the Application of Larvicides to Control Mosquitoes in Response to West Nile Virus in Connecticut - Supplement to West Nile Virus Response Plan

Contingency Plan for Eastern Equine Encephalitis


Insect Repellent Essentials: A Brief Guide

Proper Storage of Discarded Tires to Prevent Mosquitoes

Identification Guide to the Mosquitoes of Connecticut. Theodore G. Andreadis, Michael C. Thomas, and John J. Shepard (27.48MB, 178 pages)

Public Health Alert Notice for Municipalities

Open Marsh Water Management: A Review of System Designs and Installation Guidelines for Mosquito Control and Integration in Wetland Habitat Management. Roger J. Wolfe

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