Distinguished Managerial Service Award

Recipients for 2005

Pamela Adams
Director of State Parks
Department of Environmental Protection
Ms. Adams began her career with the Department of Environmental Protection in 1977 as an Environmental Analyst. She has contributed greatly to the department, to the public and through volunteerism. Ms. Adams has developed partnerships with several agencies and organizations to the benefit of State Parks. Through those efforts, and with the assistance of her staff of Park Supervisors and Maintainers, she has provided the public with access to 95 state parks and 31 state forests. These areas have played host to over 300 special events in support of public recreation, education and public service organizations. Ms. Adams is or has been associated with over a dozen organizations on a volunteer basis.
Joseph Roach
Correctional Counselor Supervisor
Department of Correction
Mr. Roach was awarded the Department of Correction Manager of the Year award for 2005. He was selected based on his service to the department, commitment to serving the public, and leadership in performing his duties, just to name a few of his achievements. Mr. Roach began his career in 1992 with the Department of Correction. He began as a correctional officer and worked his way up to Unit Manager for an inmate housing unit. He also supervises the Bergin Correctional Institution Records Department, Felony DNA Collection and Resource Center. Mr. Roach has also dedicated the last 13 years to the local youth football program in New Haven.
David Howe
Mental Health Services Clinical Manager
Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Mr. Howe has been employed with the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) since 1989; however he has been involved with the services DMHAS offers to the public for 24 years. Mr. Howe has been instrumental in researching and initiating new ideas to assist clients with quality of life issues and concerns. He has also had his work published several times. Mr. Howe is or has been involved with many organizations dedicated to the mental health field.