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Resident and Family Councils

Residents and family members are always encouraged to bring their concerns about care to the attention of the nursing facility management.

Residents of long-term care facilities have a right to be active participants in their care planning. In addition, family members can ask to be invited to their loved one’s care conferences, with the resident’s consent. 

A good way for residents and family members to share information and to transmit care concerns to the administration of the facility is by participating in resident councils or family councils.

Resident Councils

Resident councils are run by residents. Residents have the right to organize and participate in these council and the administration of the facility is required to respond to concerns raised during the council meeting.

Learn more about resident councils.

Family Councils

Family councils are run by family members. If there is no active council, the family member may wish to consider working with other family members to ask the nursing home for support in starting a family council.

FAMILY GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE FAMILY COUNCILS - This guide is designed to help families develop and maintain a strong, effective, familyrun family council. It provides step-by-step guidance, as well as sample forms that can be used. But, councils - like people - are unique, and so the suggestions presented in this book should be adapted to fit the needs of your council. 

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program partnered with the University of Connecticut, Organizational and Skill Development Unit at the CT Department of Social Services to develop a web-based training program to provide Connecticut’s Long Term Care Residents, Family Members and Staff Information about the importance of Long Term Care Family Councils. Click Here to start the program.

To learn more about family councils, also please take a look at the National Consumer Voice Family council center. This site contains factsheets and other materials related to family council creation, maintenance, rights under federal law and advocacy. It also has information about family council grants, networking opportunities, other ways to get involved in long-term care advocacy and additional resources

* If you have any additional questions regarding resident or family councils, or are interested in getting connected or help starting one up. Please contact your Long Term Care Ombudsman for more information!