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Energy Efficiency in State Buildings

Building Re-Tuning Checklist - this handout offers effective facility management action to reduce building energy use while ensuring that buildings operate as intended and meet current operational needs.     

The following options are for Connecticut State Agencies to complete energy improvement projects at their buildings and facilities.  Additional alternative funding sources are being developed by the Steering Committee on State Sustainability, and this website will be updated as they become available.
Option 1: Utility-Administered Programs

Utility-administered programs provide turnkey project management alongside rebates, incentives, and strategic technical assistance for energy efficiency upgrades. Utility-administered programs also offer on-bill repayment, eliminating the need for up front capital investment.

We will be updating this site with instructions for accessing utility programs once the state's Master agreement with the utilities is fully operational.

Option 2: Bond Funding

Bond-funded projects require going out to bid with state-approved contractors. Bond funding has historically been utilized for projects such as lighting, rooftop unit replacements, boiler/chiller replacements, window replacements, building automation controls or EMS controls.

DEEP, OPM, and DAS are in the process of revising a set of Standard Operating Procedures that establish the procedures and protocols needed for state agencies to take advantage of bond funding for energy efficiency projects. 

Previously Approved Bond-Funded Projects

Sustainable Water Use

Fix a Leak Week Checklist

Leak Report Flyer


Renewables on State Buildings

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Sustainable Materials Management

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Clean and Efficient Transportation

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Content Last Updated November 10, 2020