As of July 1, 2021, Commission meetings and contested case hearings continue to be conducted solely through the use of electronic equipment (remotely).  Instructions for real-time public access to the Commission’s meetings and contested case hearings is published and included with each meeting notice and agenda.   Additionally, a recording of each meeting and special meeting is posted on the Commission’s website. FOIC New Address Effective June 1, 2021 165 Capitol Ave, Suite 1100, Hartford, CT 06106

Section 1-201 (Formerly Sec. 1-19c) - Division of Criminal Justice deemed not to be public agency, when.  For the purposes of subdivision (1) of section 1-200, the Division of Criminal Justice shall not be deemed to be a public agency except in respect to its administrative functions.  (P.A. 84-406, §12; P.A. 00-66, §4.)