NOTICE: Due to public health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic as well as Governor Lamont’s Executive Order requiring all non-essential employees to work from home, staff of the Freedom of Information Commission will not be present at the Commission's office beginning March 24, 2020 and will telework in accordance with the Governor’s Order. Commission staff will make every effort to continue agency operations to the greatest extent practicable under the circumstances and will retrieve and respond to voice mail and email communications. Please feel free to contact the Commission at 860-566-5682 or by email at: No CONTESTED CASE HEARINGS are currently scheduled through June 12, 2020. The REGULAR MEETING of the FOI Commission scheduled for May 27, 2020, is CANCELED.

Sec. 1-230.  (Formerly Sec. 1-21f).  Regular meetings to be held pursuant to regulation, ordinance or resolution.The public agency shall provide by regulation, in the case of a state agency, or by ordinance or resolution in the case of an agency of a political subdivision, the place for holding its regular meetings.  If at any time any regular meeting falls on a holiday, such regular meeting shall be held on the next business day.  If it shall be unsafe to meet in the place designated, the meetings may be held at such place as is designated by the presiding officer of the public agency; provided a copy of the minutes of any such meeting adequately setting forth the nature of the emergency and the proceedings occurring at such meeting shall be filed with the Secretary of the State or the clerk of the political subdivision, as the case may be, not later than seventy-two hours following the holding of such meeting.  (P.A. 75-342, §10.)