As of September 5, 2022, Freedom of Information Commission meetings and contested case hearings will resume being conducted in person. All parties and witnesses must appear in person for their contested case hearings and Commission meetings. Please access this link or contact the Commission for further information.

Section 1-21j-56 (a)-(c)  Procedures for contesting content

The following procedure shall be used in order to provide an opportunity to contest the accuracy, completeness or relevancy of personal data:

(a) Any individual may file a written request with the commission for correction of personal data pertaining to him or her.

(b) Within thirty (30) days of receipt of such request, the commission shall notify such individual that it shall make the correction, or if the correction is not to be made as submitted, the commission shall state the reason for its denial of such request and notify the person of his or her right to add his or her own statement to his or her employee personal data records.

(c) Following such denial by the commission, the individual requesting such correction shall be permitted to add a statement to his or her personal data record setting forth what that person believes to be an accurate, complete and relevant version of the personal data in question. Such statements shall become a permanent part of the commission's personal data system and shall be disclosed to any individual, agency or organization to which the disputed personal data are disclosed.