As of September 5, 2022, Freedom of Information Commission meetings and contested case hearings will resume being conducted in person. All parties and witnesses must appear in person for their contested case hearings and Commission meetings. Please access this link or contact the Commission for further information.

Section 1-21j-26 (a)-(d)  Service
(a) General rule. Service of all documents filed in all proceedings shall be in the same manner as permitted by the superior court in civil actions.
(b) On whom served. Service of all documents in commission proceedings shall be served by the person filing the same on every party and intervenor in the proceeding and on all such additional persons as the commission or presiding officer shall direct.
(c) Service by the commission. A copy of any document served by the commission, showing the name and address of the person served, and the date, shall be placed in the commission's records and shall be prima facie evidence of such service and the date thereof.
(d) Service of briefs, memoranda, exceptions or written argument. Unless otherwise provided by these regulations, the commission or the presiding officer, all briefs, memoranda of law, exceptions or other written argument shall be served upon the commission on or before the Wednesday of the week immediately prior to the proceeding at which the subject matter of such documents is scheduled to be discussed or acted upon by the commission. For good cause shown, the commission or the presiding officer may extend the time for serving any of the aforesaid documents.