As of September 5, 2022, Freedom of Information Commission meetings and contested case hearings will resume being conducted in person. All parties and witnesses must appear in person for their contested case hearings and Commission meetings. Please access this link or contact the Commission for further information.

Section 1-21j-44  Form of petition

Any person may petition the commission, or the commission may on its own motion initiate a proceeding, to promulgate, amend, or repeal any regulation. The petition shall conform to sections 1-21j-1 to 1-21j-43, inclusive, of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, where applicable, and shall set forth clearly and concisely the text of the proposed regulation, amendment, or repeal. The petition shall contain the name and address of the petitioner. Such petition shall also state the facts and arguments that favor the action it proposes by including such data, facts, and arguments in the petition or in a brief annexed thereto. The petition shall be addressed to the commission and delivered to it at its principal office.