As of July 1, 2021, Commission meetings and contested case hearings continue to be conducted solely through the use of electronic equipment (remotely).  Instructions for real-time public access to the Commission’s meetings and contested case hearings is published and included with each meeting notice and agenda.   Additionally, a recording of each meeting and special meeting is posted on the Commission’s website. FOIC New Address Effective June 1, 2021 165 Capitol Ave, Suite 1100, Hartford, CT 06106

2001 Final Decisions
   Court Decisions 2001
Final DecisionsFIC1998-380 REVISED       
Final DecisionsFIC1999-257 REVISED
Final DecisionsFIC1999-396 REVISED
Final DecisionsFIC2000-186
Final DecisionsFIC2000-198
Final DecisionsFIC2000-235
Final DecisionsFIC2000-239
Final DecisionsFIC2000-262
Final DecisionsFIC2000-265 
Final DecisionsFIC2000-268
Final DecisionsFIC2000-277 
Final DecisionsFIC2000-297
Final DecisionsFIC2000-299
Final DecisionsFIC2000-303
Final DecisionsFIC2000-304
Final DecisionsFIC2000-314
Final DecisionsFIC2000-321
Final DecisionsFIC2000-325
Final DecisionsFIC2000-343
Final DecisionsFIC2000-344         
Final DecisionsFIC2000-345
Final DecisionsFIC2000-348
Final DecisionsFIC2000-362
Final DecisionsFIC2000-366
Final DecisionsFIC2000-368
Final DecisionsFIC2000-373
Final DecisionsFIC2000-378
Final DecisionsFIC2000-379
Final DecisionsFIC2000-380
Final DecisionsFIC2000-382
Final DecisionsFIC2000-383
Final DecisionsFIC2000-384
Final DecisionsFIC2000-388
Final DecisionsFIC2000-391
Final DecisionsFIC2000-403 
Final DecisionsFIC2000-412
Final DecisionsFIC2000-429
Final DecisionsFIC2000-431
Final DecisionsFIC2000-434
Final DecisionsFIC2000-435         
Final DecisionsFIC2000-450
Final DecisionsFIC2000-451 
Final DecisionsFIC2000-455
Final DecisionsFIC2000-457
Final DecisionsFIC2000-458
Final DecisionsFIC2000-466
Final DecisionsFIC2000-473
Final DecisionsFIC2000-474
Final DecisionsFIC2000-485
Final DecisionsFIC2000-492
Final DecisionsFIC2000-501
Final DecisionsFIC2000-502
Final DecisionsFIC2000-504
Final DecisionsFIC2000-509
Final DecisionsFIC2000-511
Final DecisionsFIC2000-512
Final DecisionsFIC2000-525
Final DecisionsFIC2000-526
Final DecisionsFIC2000-528
Final DecisionsFIC2000-531         
Final DecisionsFIC2000-535
Final DecisionsFIC2000-536
Final DecisionsFIC2000-537
Final DecisionsFIC2000-538
Final DecisionsFIC2000-542
Final DecisionsFIC2000-545
Final DecisionsFIC2000-547 
Final DecisionsFIC2000-548
Final DecisionsFIC2000-550
Final DecisionsFIC2000-552