Commissioner Thomas J. Saadi invites the public to attend the State of CT Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Ceremony at the DVA main Campus in Rocky Hill on Thursday March 30th at 11:00AM – more information here

Veterans' Charitable Organization Listing

Veterans Charitable Organizations Listing

This organizations listing is provided pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 27-100f and is solely for informational purposes as required by the statute and does not constitute an endorsement by the CT Department of Veterans Affairs or the State of Connecticut of any organization on the list or a warranty of the organization’s practices or the accuracy of the information reported to the State.

  1. One Voice for Veterans - - This non-profit was established by Veterans residing at the Connecticut State Veterans Home to help the State, which has limited funds, to complete needed upgrades to the campus. While many say that this is an overwhelming task which could cost tens of millions of dollars we have a firm belief in Americans being willing to help out those in need even when the need is as great as this. Before we are done we hope to be able to complete all the needed upgrade projects here at the State Veterans Home. We are just a group of Veterans who want to help our brothers and sister Veterans to live their lives with the dignity and respect that they deserve.