SNAP Periodic Report Forms -- Now Online!


UPDATED October 7, 2021 -- Special measures to assist SNAP enrollees during the COVID-19 public health emergency

  • No Periodic Review Forms--we are suspending the requirement to submit Periodic Review Forms (PRFs) for all SNAP enrollees through the end of the state public health emergency.  This means that you will not be receiving PRFs in the mail to fill out during this time period.  We will notify you when we resume the PRF mailings.  For more information, please visit and (scroll to ‘Information for SNAP members’).


General information on the SNAP Periodic Report Form (after the COVID-19 public health emergency is over):

The SNAP Periodic Report Form, or “PRF,” helps DSS gather information about any changes you may have had since the last time you completed a renewal for SNAP benefits.  Generally, this is done half-way through your certification period--meaning every six months for most enrollees (and every 12 months for older adults and persons with disabilities with no earned income).  The PRF will be pre-populated with the information about your household that DSS has in our records.  Then we need you to fill out the PRF and return it to us.

Getting your PRF

We send your PRF to you in two ways:

  1. Though the U.S. mail; and
  2. Through the online DSS ‘MyAccount’ option.

The second option is new.  You can choose to access your PRF online through your MyAccount (visit and click on the MyAccount box).

  • If you don’t already have an online MyAccount, it’s easy to open one.  Just follow the prompts after you click on the MyAccount box at
  • If you already have an online MyAccount, look for the PRF link on your MyAccount homepage, after you’ve logged in.
  • Important:  please make sure your Client ID number is associated with your MyAccount (this is necessary to have access to all the MyAccount features).  Your PRF will appear in your MyAccount 60 days before it is due.

Filling Out Your PRF

When completing the PRF, you should only update the information when you have changes to report.  If you have changes to report, please return your completed PRF (all pages) with the required verifications.  The PRF will explain what verifications you need to provide.  If you have no changes to report, you still need to fill out and return the PRF.

Returning Your PRF

You can send your completed PRF back through the U.S. mail, or you can upload your PRF and verifications through your online ‘MyAccount.’  You must complete and return your PRF, even if you have no changes to report.

You do not need to have an interview as part of the PRF process, unless DSS decides we need more information or if something is unclear.

If you do not complete the PRF, your benefits may stop, even if you did not have any changes to make.  If you complete the PRF late, DSS will treat it as a new application and can reopen your SNAP case--but the benefits will start again as of the date we received the report.

Bottom line:  please complete and return the PRF, even if nothing has changed.  Thank you.