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Quality Assurance

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  • The Office of Quality Assurance

    The Office of Quality Assurance (“QA”) is responsible for ensuring the fiscal and programmatic integrity of programs administered by the Department of Social Services (“Department”). In addition, QA is responsible for ensuring the integrity of administrative functions of the Department.

  • To Report Fraud or Abuse of Programs

    The Department of Social Services is strongly committed to identifying and eliminating fraud, whether it be committed by a client, provider or vendor.

  • Quality Assurance Administrative Actions List

    The Administrative Actions List is a list of vendors that have had a decision against them for not complying with DSS regulations.

  • Report Vendor Fraud or Abuse

    Provider or Vendor Fraud is an “intentional” deception or misrepresentation which results in an unearned benefit to a provider or vendor, usually in the form of an excess payment, through the Medical Assistance Programs.

  • Report Client Fraud or Abuse

    Please use this form to report client fraud or abuse.