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  • Causa Suficiente - El Trabajo y Sus Beneficios de TFA

    Si tiene un empleo y está pensando renunciar voluntariamente o reducir sus horas de trabajo, por favor hable con su manejador de caso de JFES antes de tomar su decisión final.

  • Connecticut Insurance Premium Assistance (CIPA) fact sheet

    To qualify for the Connecticut AIDS Drug Assistance Program (CADAP), you must be a Connecticut resident with an HIV or AIDS diagnosis and have a total individual or family income within 400% of the federal poverty level (for example, FY 2011 400% FPL income is at or below$43,560 for a single person and $58,840 for a household of two).

  • Good Cause Brochure - Working and Your TFA Benefits

    The  Jobs  First  Employment  Services  (JFES)  program provides employment services to time‐limited recipients of Temporary Family Assistance (TFA), the state cash assistance program for needy families.   TFA  is  provided  to  families  who  are  determined eligible by the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS).

  • Safety Net Program Brochure

    The safety net program helps families when their Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) ends.

  • State Supplement to the Aged Blind Disabled Cash Assistance Factsheet

    If your income and assets are at or below the program’s eligibility limits and you meet other requirements based on age, disability, or blindness, then DSS will take a closer look at your financial situation to determine if you are eligible to receive a cash benefit award.

  • Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) Fact Sheet

    Online access – Visit the website and go to Clients/Applicants, then How to Apply. From here you can print an application for mailing to the agency. Or, click on the ConneCT icon at to apply online.