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Personal Health Record (PHR)

Your well-being is like your medical care—personal. No one else has the exact same health care needs, or goals for life, as you do. Which is why no one else but you should have control over your care. To help, the State of Connecticut has created goPHR, an electronic, web-based personal health record service for Medicaid members, powered by the Department of Social Services (DSS). goPHR is a simple, secure way to manage your care, so you can focus on being well. This mobile-friendly, free technology helps you collect, organize and store all of your important health information so that you can access it anytime you need it.

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Take a few minutes to learn more about goPHR.

A brief video about the PHR

Updated: Health IT for You: Giving You Access to Your Medical Records When and Where They're Needed

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What is a PHR?

A PHR is a personal health record tool that helps you store and keep track of health information, electronically. If you are a Medicaid member, your records are automatically pulled from a variety of sources and uploaded to the tool so they can be accessed easily. These records can include information on all of the health services you’ve received. If you receive services from DSS but are not a Medicaid member, you can still use the tool but will need to upload your medical records yourself.

With a PHR, you can review near real-time reports on your health, as well as share those reports with doctors when necessary. These reports can include:

  • Diagnosis lists
  • Medication lists
  • Lab results
  • Immunization histories

Key benefits of a PHR:

  • Secure: No one—including doctors, care managers or family—can access your health information without your permission.
  • Portable: Not connected to any doctor, hospital or insurance company, a PHR is yours to use for as long as you receive services through the DSS. Plus, you can access your health records from any computer, smart phone, or tablet with your username and password, whenever you need to.

  • Easy to Use: You have the ability to manage your health care materials in one place and on your own.
  • Informative: The PHR includes information on all of the health services you receive.

Please note, the reports on a PHR are separate from, and do not replace, the legal record of any health care provider. Take a few minutes to learn more about your rights regarding your health information.

Your Health Information, Your Rights:

Video 1 - Your Health Information, Your Rights

Video 2 - Your Health Information, Your Rights

Video 3 - Your Health Information, Your Rights

Reference Materials:

goPHR How to Sign-up Fact Sheet 

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