Data and Program Reports

The DSS serves over a million people in a year.  This page provides some basic enrollment information about the people we serve.  Please use the following quick inks to review our reports

Benefit Plan: Indicates whether the benefit is categorized Husky A-D, MSP, Husky limited or Other Medical guided by eligibility policy


DSS Medical Benefit Plan Participation by Month 2016-2018

Program Participation: A specific type of public assistance that is authorized by state and/or federal law


DSS Program Participation by Month 2016-2018

Assistance Type: Categorization of the Type of Assistance (TOAs) by Medical/Cash/Food


DSS Assistance Type Participation by Month 2016-2018

Type of Assistance (TOA)

DSS Types of Assistance (TOA) Participation 2016-2018

DSS Types of Assistance (TOA) Participation by Month 2016-2018

In coming months we will be releasing additional data and you should be able to find it on under Health and Human Services Tab.


Other Relevant Data

1.       American Community Survey Data

2.       Connecticut Town Profiles


Updated 10/4/2018