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CT/DRS Videos

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Registering a Business

This video includes:

  • A list of the items needed before you start the registration process with DRS
  • Where to go online to register

Download the Registering a Business Companion Guide- a step-by-step guide to electronically register a business with the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services using the online Taxpayer Service Center (TSC). 

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Getting Started in Business

This video includes:

  • the type of correspondence you will receive from DRS after you register
  • How to set up a Taxpayer Service Center profile
  • Filing requirements and due dates

Download the Getting Started in Business Companion Guide - a step-by-step guide on what to expect once you are registered with DRS.

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Sales and Use Tax Overview

Download the Sales and Use Tax Companion Guide- a guide to Definitions, Sales & Use Tax Basics, Taxable Services, Record Keeping basics and reference information.