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Electronic Filing Information for Tax Preparers & Updates

The Modernized e-File Federal/State Filing Program (MeF) enables you to file your clients' federal and Connecticut Personal Income Tax, Fiduciary Income Tax, Partnership or Corporation returns in one single transmission.

MeF is open to those tax preparers and transmitters who have been accepted by the (IRS) into the federal electronic filing program. All participants must use software approved for Connecticut electronic filing and follow the guidelines outlined in the Federal/State Electronic Filing Handbook.

Connecticut will allow three years of tax returns (Current Year plus the 2 immediate prior year returns) on a rolling calendar basis to be processed through MeF.  This applies to Individual Income Tax, Corporation Business Tax and Partnership Returns).

MANDATE - Tax return preparers who prepared 50 or more Connecticut personal income tax returns are now required to file all Connecticut personal income tax returns electronically.  For more information, see

 Updated e-file Requirements for Personal Income Tax Returns.

Updates for MeF

Connecticut accepts the following returns through MeF:

NOTE:Please check with your software provider for availability, details, and support.

  • Form CT-1040 Connecticut Resident Income Tax,
  • Form CT-1040 NR/PY Nonresident/Part-Year Resident Tax Return,
  • Form CT-1040 Extension and Estimates,
  • Form CT-1041, Income Tax for Trusts and Estates
  • Form CT-1041 Extension and Estimates,
  • Form CT-1065/1120SI Tax Return,
  • Form CT-1065/1120SI Extension and Estimates,
  • Form CT-1120 Corporation Business Tax Return,
  • Form CT-1120 Extension and Estimates
  • Form CT-1120CU, Corporation Combined Unitary Tax Return

Applying to electronically file returns in Connecticut:

Connecticut Tax Return Preparers and Out of State Tax Return Preparers.  Connecticut has eliminated the requirement for an e-file application. Once the IRS accepts you into the e-file program, you are automatically enrolled in Connecticut and eligible to e-file Connecticut Income Tax returns. The requirement to forward documentation to DRS has been eliminated.

Paper Retention Requirements
DRS accepts the Federal Signature therefore, a separate CT return is not necessary.

The IRS has several signature options available.   The State of Connecticut will also accept these as the electronic signature for the Connecticut tax return.

The taxpayer is no longer required to mail any documentation to DRS but must retain required documentation for at least three years to be furnished to DRS only upon request.

For additional information regarding e-file, the following publications and forms are available: