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Email the Priority One Taxpayer Assistance Program: DRSPriorityOne_CollectionsAssist@po.state.ct.us.

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Track Submitted Returns

Tracking Number

Retain the tracking number.  You will need to provide this to the Town Clerk.

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Track Submitted Returns
View Returns

On the Main Menu, click the View Returns link to track your submitted returns.

View Return

Track Submitted ReturnsUsing Search Criteria

Find specific returns by:

  • Tracking Number

Provided to submitters once they successfully submit their return and authorize electronic payment to DRS.

  • Confirmation Number

Provided to towns and submitters once the return is recorded by Town Clerk.

  • Filter submitted returns by town, date, name or location.
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Track Submitted Returns
Search Results

Click on the e-REC Tracking/Confirmation Number to view the submitted return validation page.

Up to 100 results provided.

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