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You will need your Social Security Number (SSN) to log into the Taxpayer Service Center.

Each tax return filed with a joint filing status is assigned a primary and a secondary taxpayer (the primary number is the first name and SSN listed on the return). In order the protect the confidentiality of your tax information, the TSC will only allow access using the primary SSN.

NOTE: If your filing status is changing for this tax year, you may not be able to use the TSC to file your return.  For example, if you changed from a single status to a joint status (or from a joint status to a single status) you will not be able to use the TSC to file this year.  You will still be able to file electronically using the Fed/State efile program or you must file a paper return.

If your Connecticut filing status is different from your Federal filing status you are not be able to use the TSC to file.

Create Individual Profile

You may access the TSC by entering your prior year's federal adjusted gross income. Select a prior year from the drop-down list and enter the data.

If this is your first visit to the TSC, the SSN you entered is not in the Department of Revenue Services records. However, your SSN was found in the Department of Motor Vehicle records. To ensure the confidentiality of your tax information we must validate your identity using your driver's license number or Connecticut non-driver ID and name. If you choose a joint filing status, you will be prompted to enter similar information for the secondary taxpayer.

Enter Secondary Taxpayer Information

Create Profile

In order to access the TSC, you must create an Individual Profile. Please enter your name and contact information on this page and  complete all other boxes.  Then select "next" at the bottom of the page.  Remember to keep your password in a safe place.


Please enter the password that you created the first time you accessed the TSC.   If you have forgotten your password you can gain access to the TSC by clicking on the “forgot password” link and correctly answering the questions you selected.

Forgot Password?

Please enter the answers to the questions that you selected when you originally created your TSC profile.  If you cannot access the TSC, contact us.

If you are a business user, contact the person in your business who is assigned the duties of TSC Administrator. That person can assist you if you cannot access the TSC.

Main Menu

Choose from one of the options listed in the main menu.

View Returns History

You may view filed tax returns processed by DRS going back three years from the current date. To do so, narrow your search by verifying the tax type first. Then choose the Date type of either the Period End Date Range or the Filing Date Range for the return you are interested in. You also need to refine your Date Range by entering the start and end of the desired Date Range. Once the results are displayed, click on the confirmation number of the filed return you wish to view to obtain a printable copy of this return. If you need a copy of a return not available in the TSC, complete Form LGL-002 and mail it to the address on the form.

Date Range

You may view up to three years prior activity: either by tax year (period end) or by the date you filed.

View Processed Payments/Credits

You may view payments that have been processed by DRS within the past three years.  If you need information about a payment processed more than three years ago, contact DRS during business hours at 860-297-5962.  NOTE: Payments are sent to the bank one banking day prior to the requested payment date.  If the payment you are attempting to view has been sent to the bank, but has not been posted to your account by DRS, you will not be able to view it. 

View Scheduled Payments/Credits

You may view payments that you have scheduled but have not yet been processed by DRS.   Payments are sent to the bank one banking day prior to the requested payment date.  If the payment you are attempting to view has been sent to the bank but has not been posted to your account by DRS you will not be able to view it.  You will be able to view that payment once it has posted to your account by selecting the View Processed Payments Link on the Main Menu.

View Cancelled Payments  

You may view the payments that were scheduled and then cancelled before they were processed.

View Account Period Details  

You can view up three years of account details.

View Outstanding Bills

You may view up to six years of outstanding bills.  To make a payment, select the "Make Payment" link on the right hand side of the screen.

What is a status letter?

The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) issues status letters for the Connecticut income tax.

A status letter (also known as a Letter of Good Standing) is issued to a requesting taxpayer provided certain conditions are satisfied.

If DRS determines it is appropriate to issue a status letter, the letter will include the following information about a taxpayer as of the date it is issued:

  • The name of the taxpayer,
  • That they have filed all of its tax returns,
  • That they have paid all taxes that were reported due, and
  • Indicates any unfiled return(s) with a notation that the individual may, or may not, have a filing requirement for the particular periods displayed.  

Note: DRS does not make any representations that it has conducted an audit examination or otherwise concluded that the information reported on the tax return(s) is correct.

For additional information refer to IP 2018(17)Status Letters.