Using Your Secure Mailbox

You can use the secure mailbox feature to ask an account-related question (about a bill, a refund, a return, etc.) by logging into your account in the DRS electronic Taxpayer Service Center (TSC) and selecting "My Secure Mailbox" on the left toolbar.  The message you send to DRS and the answer you receive from DRS is not sent by regular email. It remains behind the DRS secure firewall where your information is protected.
  • When you submit your question to DRS using your secure mailbox, you will see an immediate confirmation on the screen with an incident number. 
  • When DRS answers you, you will receive an email telling you to log onto your TSC account in order to read the answer.
If you are already logged into your account in the TSC, please return to the Main Menu and click "My Secure Mailbox" to access your secure mailbox.

For assistance in logging in to the TSC for the first time, please visit our TSC Tutorials.