IMPORTANT INFORMATION - the following tax types are now available in myconneCT: Individual Income Tax, Attorney Occupational Tax, Unified Gift and Estate Tax, Controlling Interest Transfer Tax, and Alcoholic Beverage Tax. - Click here for the latest information.

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At any time you can update your password by clicking on the "Update account information" from the Main Menu, then select "Change Password".

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You will enter this when you create your profile will be used only if a question arises during the processing of your return. You will be able to keep this information current by clicking on the "Update account information" from the Main Menu, then selecting "edit" in the Contact Information section.

New Users

If you are a Town Clerk interested in participating in the e-REC application, you must complete the Form CTC-318, Connecticut Town Clerk Application to e-File Form OP-236, Connecticut Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return

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If you have forgotten your User ID, select the “Forgot User ID” link, enter the email address on file, and an email will be sent to that address with your current User ID.

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View Returns

To view a list of Real Estate forms, enter the search criteria options below and then click on the “Search” button.

·         Leave blank to get all results

Narrow results by:

·         Search by the Tracking number supplied by submitter, or by Confirmation number if already recorded.

·         Search by Date recorded or by date conveyed

·         Search by record type

o    “Already Recorded” is a conveyance return that has already receive the volume and page number and has a confirmation number

o    “To be recorded” are returns submitted by the transmitter awaiting recording by the Town Clerk’s office. 

·         Search by Property location

·         Search by Grantor Name

o    Use wildcards (“*”) before and after to expand search. 

o    Example:   *Main St*   will pull back “123 Main Street” or “1 Main St Suite B”

Search Results

This page will display the results of documents found based on the information entered on the View Returns page.

The results will include the following details:

Tracking Number:

The temporary number assigned when the submitter saved or submitted a return to complete later. Or, they received a rejected message when the return was attempted to be submitted therefore not receiving a confirmation number.

Confirmation Number:

The number issued when a return is successfully recorded by the Town Clerk’s office.   A confirmation number indicates the return has been received by Connecticut Department of Revenue for processing.

Grantor Name:

The seller of the property.

State Tax Paid:

After Form OP-236 is completed in the e-REC and all calculations are done, the amount of conveyance paid that is authorized to be paid to the State of Connecticut upon the successful recording by the Town Clerk’s office.

Volume and Page Number:

The information entered and recorded by the town or city specific to the selling of a particular property.

Date Recorded:

The date the deed was successfully submitted to the Sate of Conn by the town or for the selling of a particular property.

Click ‘edit’ next to the submission you are working with.   The Town Clerk must enter the enter the volume, page number and verify the date of recording to complete the conveyance filing and submit the Form OP-236 to the State of Connecticut.   Any payment associated with the filing, will not be initiated until after the Town Clerk enters the required information. 

If any of the details are incorrect or missing, the Town Clerks office can reject the submission by selecting ‘edit’ then clicking on ‘reject’.   The Town Clerk must give a brief explanation as to why it is being rejected.