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Business Help

Connecticut business taxpayers can electronically file most Connecticut business tax returns using the Taxpayer Service Center (TSC-BUS). The TSC is an interactive tool that provides a free, fast, easy, and secure way to conduct business with DRS.

Some of the features of the TSC include the ability to:

  • view current balances,
  • schedule payments with tax returns,
  • make bill payments, and
  • amend certain business tax returns. 

Using our FAQs, you can easily get answers to the most frequently asked questions and you can also exchange confidential information with DRS through a "secure" mailbox.

Download the TSC Electronic Filing Flyer and keep it beside your computer for additional help in using the TSC-BUS.  This flyer provides information about:

  • logging on to the TSC
  • filing returns
  • making business tax payment-only transactions (including bill payments)

Helpful Hints:

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