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Legal Special Notices
LSN-88, Special Notice - Sales and Use Tax
LSN-89, Revised Special Notice Concerning Controlling Interest Transfer Taxes
LSN-90, Sales And Use Taxes On Health And Athletic Club Services
LSN 90-1, Special Notice Concerning Corporation Business Tax
LSN 90-2, Special Notice Concerning Capital Gains and Dividends and Interest Taxes
LSN-90-3, Special Notice Concerning Liability Of Nonresident Individuals For Connecticut Capital Gains Tax
LSN 90-4, Special Notice Concerning Controlling Interest Transfer Taxes
LSN 90-5, Special Notice - Resale of Services
LSN-91, Sales And Use Taxes On Renovation Of Existing Buildings And Structures
LSN-91-1, Exemption From Sales And Use Taxes Of Sales Made To Charitable And Religious Organizations
LSN-92, Sales And Use Taxes On Maintenance, Repair, And Warranty Contracts
LSN-93, Special Notice - Maintenance and Janitorial Services
LSN-94, Special Notice - Motor Vehicle Parking Services
LSN-95, Revised Special Notice Regarding Taxation Of Maintenance And Repair Services To Motor Vehicles Used In A Trade Or Business
LSN-96, Special Notice Concerning Taxation Of Repair Or Maintenance Services To Tangible Personal Property
LSN-97, Special Notice Concerning Real Estate Conveyance Taxes
LSN-98, Technical Advisory Concerning Real Estate Conveyance Taxes September 1, 1989
LSN-99, Special Notice Concerning The Use Of Resale Certificates By Repairers Of Tangible Personal Property
LSN-100, Special Notice Concerning Changes Made By The 1989 General Assembly Affecting Capital Gains, Dividends And Interest Income Tax
LSN-101, Revised Special Notice Concerning Farmer Tax Exemptions Permits
LSN-102, Special Notice Concerning Preference Tax On Companies Included In Combined Corporation Business Tax Returns
LSN-103, Special Notice Concerning Sales And Use Taxes On The Providing Of Cellular Mobile Telephone Service
LSN-104, Cigarette Distributors Authorized To Purchase Connecticut Tax Stamps On 30-Day Credit

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