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IP 2008(28)

A Guide for Filers of Multiple Form CT-1041ES

This publication has been superseded by IP 2009(26)

Purpose: This Informational Publication explains the payment filing requirements for banking institutions that make estimated fiduciary income tax payments for multiple accounts.

Effective Date: Effective upon issuance.

Statutory Authority: Conn. Gen. Stat. §12-722.

General Instructions: Banking institutions making estimated fiduciary income tax payments for multiple accounts can issue a single check as payment for up to 50 fiduciary accounts. However, all payments must be for the same quarter. Filing eligibility for a calendar quarter is determined by the number of payments in that calendar quarter. The fiduciary must have a minimum of two accounts for which estimated payments are required in a filing quarter. When the fiduciary has more than 50 accounts, it may make payments in payment group(s) of no more than 50 accounts to be included in a single check. When filing more than one payment group, the last payment group may contain less than 50 accounts.

The format sample sheet attached below illustrates the required information and format that must be provided to the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) when filing Form CT-1041ES, Estimated Connecticut Income Tax Payment Coupon for Trusts and Estates, for multiple accounts.

You must submit your sample format to DRS for approval. Fax it to 860-297-4866 or:

Mail it to:      

Department of Revenue Services

State of Connecticut 

The format must have:

  • The name of the banking institution and the banking institution mailing address at the upper left hand corner;
  • The banking institution contact name and phone number;
  • The tax year clearly stated;
  • The tax quarter for the estimated tax payment;
  • The banking institution check number;
  • A four-column table with the columns labeled in the following order:

1.   Entry number (consecutive, beginning with one) not to exceed 50 per check;

2.   Account name;

3.   Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN); and

4.   Amount paid. All dollar amounts must have commas and decimal points;

  • A line between each entry in the table;
  • Page number with total number of pages at the bottom of the page (footer); and
  • A total after the last entry just outside the table. This dollar amount should be under the amount paid column and should be the amount of the check submitted by the banking institution for each group of not more than 50 accounts.

If the bank format is not approved, the bank will be required to file an individual Form CT-1041ES payment coupon and submit an individual check for each account. 

Fiduciaries using this format and method of payment must submit the information above on paper. Group estimated payments cannot be made electronically.

Format Sample Sheet for Banking Institutions That Make Estimated Fiduciary Income Tax Payments for Multiple Accounts

Related Publications: Related products concerning this publication are Form CT-1041, Connecticut Income Tax Return for Trusts and Estates, and Form CT-1041ES, Estimated Connecticut Income Tax Payment Coupon for Trusts and Estates.

Effect on Other Documents: Informational Publication 2007(28), A Guide for Fillers of Multiple Forms CT-1041ES, is obsolete and may not be relied upon on or after the date of issuance of this Informational Publication.

Effect of This Document: An Informational Publication issued by the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) addresses frequently asked questions about a current position, policy, or practice, usually in a less technical question and answer format.

For Further Information: Call DRS during business hours, Monday through Friday:

  • 1-800-382-9463 (Connecticut calls outside the Greater Hartford calling area only); or
  • 860-297-5962 (from anywhere).
Select Option 6 to speak to a representative.

TTY, TDD, and Text Telephone users only may transmit inquiries anytime by calling 860-297-4911.

Forms and Publications: Forms and publications are available anytime by:
  • Internet: Visit the DRS website to download and print Connecticut tax forms; or
  • Telephone: Call 1-800-382-9463 (Connecticut calls outside the Greater Hartford calling area only) and select Option 2 or call 860-297-4753 (from anywhere).

Paperless Filing/Payment Methods (fast, easy, free, and confidential):

Business and individual taxpayers can use the Taxpayer Service Center (TSC) to file a variety of tax returns and extensions, as well as to pay taxes or bills over the Internet.

IP 2008(28)

Trust and Estate

Estimated Tax

Issued: 12/10/2008