NOTICE: Taxpayers are strongly encouraged to visit the DRS website for answers to many questions. You may also email DRS at If contacting DRS by phone, please plan for wait times that may be longer than usual. See DRS FAQ's, which now include important information regarding Connecticut sales tax. Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Filing Date is Tuesday, April 17th This Year

Taxpayer Assistance Is Available

Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) Commissioner Kevin Sullivan reminded taxpayers today that there’s a little extra time to file as the federal and state income tax deadline falls on Tuesday, April 17th.  This year, the annual April 15th deadline falls on a Sunday and is further delayed due to the federal income tax filing date being pushed back by the Washington, D.C. “Emancipation Day” holiday.

Said Commissioner Sullivan, “Taxpayers should never wait until the last minute just because there’s a little more time to file. We estimate 1.8 million income tax returns this year from both paper and electronic filers. Filing and paying electronically is fast, secure and helps to better protect taxpayer identities and refunds from tax fraud and theft.” 

Commissioner Sullivan recommends using the online DRS Taxpayer Service Center to reduce filing errors -- and most often a timely refund -- along with an immediate confirmation receipt.

If you filed electronically and are sending a paper check payment and payment voucher  Form CT-1040V, do not send an additional photo-copy of your return. Duplicate copies of returns are unnecessary and can cause delays and billing errors.

Commissioner Sullivan listed a number of tips for taxpayers:

  • Use the free DRS  Taxpayer Service Center to file for Connecticut income tax.
  • Remember – an extension to file your return is not an extension to pay the amount due.  Taxpayers who do not file by April 17th, or pay the full amount due, may face penalties and interest.
  • Get free filing assistance.   Lower income and older taxpayers can get excellent free tax preparation and filing assistance from AARP, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program and Community Accounting Aid and Services, Inc. (CAAS).
  • Consider a tax refund donation to charity.  All or part of a state income tax refund can be donated to a wide variety of charities by a simple check-off box found on the Connecticut income tax return.
  • Use a reputable tax preparer.  Taxpayers with relatively simple tax financials do not need to pay for preparation services.  For those who do, be sure to choose a legitimate mainstream paid preparer or on-line processor.  Never sign blank tax forms.  Avoid preparers that do not have refunds sent directly to taxpayers, pay refunds through debit cards or promote commercial tie-ins, refund anticipation loans or other financing or payment based on the amount of the refund.  Always get a copy of the return that is filed. Additional tips on hiring a preparer are on the DRS website and IRS website .
  • Don’t forget to report and pay Use Tax.  Resident taxpayers making out-of-state online purchases where no Connecticut sales tax was collected at the time of purchase must declare and pay the Use Tax when filing their annual state income tax returns.  Failure to do so can result in penalties, interest and even criminal enforcement.

Anyone with information regarding tax fraud is urged to contact the DRS Criminal Investigations Division at (860)297-5877. To report tax preparer fraud, file a complaint online.

For more information about Connecticut tax issues, please visit the DRS web site at call 1-800-382-9463 in state, or (860) 297-5962 from anywhere.