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Says, “Now we know that Representative Goodlatte
has been up to no good for years.”

Connecticut Commissioner of Revenue Services Kevin Sullivan expressed outrage today at comments confirming that Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-Virginia) has used his position as Chairman of the House Judiciary to block legislation that would end federal protectionism and level the competitive playing field for booming on-line retail sales.  In discussing the push by states for litigation rather than through Congressional legislation, Max Behlke, Director of Budget and Tax for the National Conference of State Legislatures recently reported being told by Congressman Goodlatte, “I will not bring a vote on this bill because it will overwhelmingly pass out of committee and overwhelmingly pass on the floor.”  Modeled on legislation previously passed in the U. S. Senate, the blocked bill would clarify, above a fair minimum of sales for small businesses, the authority of states to require sales tax collection by retailers rather than payment of use tax by consumers.

Said Commissioner Sullivan, “Now we know that Representative Goodlatte has been up to no good for years.  He is, of course, welcome to his own opinions and accountable for his own votes.  But he has for too long done the work of the special interests opposed to this legislation to block the bipartisan will of Congress as well as the support of American taxpayers and retail businesses for marketplace fairness.  I guess the only good news here is that Goodlatte has already announced he is not seeking reelection in 2018.”