NOTICE: Taxpayers are strongly encouraged to visit the DRS website for answers to many questions. You may also email DRS at If contacting DRS by phone, please plan for wait times that may be longer than usual. See DRS FAQ's, which now include important information regarding Connecticut sales tax. Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Protection Program Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION 1:  Why is DRS making me answer questions before issuing my Connecticut tax refund?

ANSWER: This helps assure that your refund will not be stolen by someone who may have stolen your identity or made a fraudulent claim.

QUESTION 2:  Where did DRS get my personal information?

ANSWER:  All the taxpayer specific information comes from public records but the responses will usually only be familiar to the actual taxpayer.

QUESTION 3:  Why was I selected to go through this process?

ANSWER:  Some of the information from the tax return submitted in your name has automatically triggered this further review. All you have to do is correctly answer a few questions specific to your identity.

QUESTION 4:  What if I elect not to answer the questions?

ANSWER: DRS cannot release your refund until assured that your refund is not being issued to someone posing as you.

QUESTION 5: What happens if I make a mistake and answer the questions incorrectly?

ANSWER: You will be able to answer a second short series of questions.

QUESTION 6:  What if I cannot answer the second set of questions?

ANSWER:  Your refund cannot be released until our tax investigations staff works with you to confirm your identity.

QUESTION 7:  How can I be sure that the DRS notice is not some sort of identity theft scam?

ANSWER:  The DRS notice you receive will provide a specific, secure toll-free telephone number (855-842-1441).  Note that this is the only way to contact DRS in order to quickly clear a refund that is due to you.