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2021 Connecticut Income Tax Filing Season: FAQ
Posted: January 26, 2021
Last Update: February 16, 2021

When does the DRS individual income tax filing season begin this year?

The DRS Taxpayer Service Center (see 'TSC-Individual Login') began accepting online individual income tax returns beginning the week of Monday, January 18th, 2021.

What is the best way to file my Connecticut income tax return?
DRS strongly recommends electronic filing. The DRS Taxpayer Service Center is an easy, secure, and free option, and electronic filing is the quickest way to get your state refund if you are expecting one. Because Connecticut's individual income tax return begins with federal adjusted gross income, it is often beneficial to file your federal income tax return first.

When will the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) begin accepting federal income tax returns?
The IRS announced it will open their federal tax filing season on Friday, February 12th, 2021.

Where can I find Connecticut individual income tax forms and instructions?
Visit the DRS website here. While paper forms may be helpful in preparing your return, DRS highly recommends electronic filing when you are ready to file.

What is the best way to contact DRS if I have a question about state taxes or my state income tax return?
To reach DRS by phone during normal business hours – Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - call 860-297-5962 (from anywhere); 800-382-9463 (within CT, outside Greater Hartford area only); or 860-297-4911 (Hearing Impaired, TDD/TT users only). Taxpayers may also email DRS at DRS@po.state.ct.us.

Does DRS offer assistance via video conference?
Yes. Taxpayers can schedule an appointment to receive DRS tax assistance from the comfort of their own homes, from a trained DRS professional during normal business hours. To schedule an appointment, contact the DRS Taxpayer Service Center at 860-297-5770 (you may leave a voicemail). Taxpayers should be prepared with the pertinent tax information before contacting DRS to ensure an efficient customer service outcome.

What public announcements has DRS made about the 2021 Connecticut income tax filing season? (added 2/9/2021)
2/9/2020: Revenue Services: Online individual income tax filing for Connecticut returns available

Has DRS issued guidance on federal CARES Act impact on Connecticut taxes? (added 2/16/2021)
Yes. Please see:

Office of the Commissioner Guidance - OCG-10, Regarding the Connecticut Tax Implications of the CARES Act

Office of the Commissioner Guidance - OCG-11, Regarding Depreciation of Qualified Improvement Property for Connecticut Tax Purposes