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Victims of Tax-Related Identity Theft

Protecting Taxpayer Security

Tax fraud and refund theft are very serious challenges. DRS is committed to protecting taxpayer identity information and making sure thieves do not steal refunds.

Once again this tax season, we have increased our anti-fraud efforts in coordination with the IRS, other state tax agencies, and tax preparers.

General Signs That You May Be a Victim of State Tax-Related Identity Theft:

Generally, if one of the following happens, there is a strong possibility that a fraudulent income tax return was filed under your social security number:

  • You received a state income tax refund check, but have not yet filed your state income tax return;
  • You attempted to electronically file your income tax return, but your return is rejected because a tax return has already been filed under your social security number.
  • You received a Refund Verification Notice or a Refund Protection Notice from the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS), but have not yet filed your state income tax return.

Procedures to Follow if You Are a Victim of State Tax-Related Identity Theft:

If you find you are the victim of tax related identity theft, contact the Department of Revenue Services’ Fraud Unit by calling 855-842-1441.

If a state income tax return was fraudulently filed under your social security number, you will be instructed to:

  • Complete a paper Connecticut income tax return;
  • Complete federal Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit;
  • Attach Form 14039 (or a letter stating “Victim of Tax-Related Identity Theft”) to the front of the Connecticut income tax return
Mail both documents to:
Department of Revenue Services
Attn: Fraud Unit/6th Floor
450 Columbus Blvd.
Hartford, CT 06103
  • Also, if you received a refund check and have not yet filed your CT income tax return, write VOID across the check and mail it to the address stated above.

If you are the victim of federal tax related identity theft, please visit the IRS.