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DRS Forms, Instructions, & Assistance (formerly Bulk Distribution)

This page outlines the expansion of our services to taxpayers, and some changes to the way the Department of Revenue Services (DRS) delivers information. DRS no longer sends paper booklets and forms to community locations. This decision is largely due to IRS tax changes being finalized at the end of the calendar year, which makes it extremely difficult to provide the best, most updated information to partners in a timely manner. In addition, DRS continues to focus on how best to provide services while protecting health and safety during the pandemic.

In place of bulk paper distribution, we have embarked on several initiatives to expand and centralize our services to taxpayers, which we believe are far more efficient and customer-focused.

DRS Assistance at Taxpayers' Fingertips

The DRS website ( has the answer to many state tax questions, including a Frequently Asked Questions page. Taxpayers are also encouraged to call or email DRS with questions specific to their situation. The fastest and easiest way to access state tax forms and instructions is from the DRS website, where these resources can be downloaded and printed.

Secure Videoconferencing

DRS now offers remote assistance, where taxpayers can schedule an appointment and receive real-time DRS tax assistance from the comfort of their own homes, from a trained DRS professional during normal business hours, via the online Microsoft Teams platform. To schedule an appointment, contact the DRS Taxpayer Service Center at 860-297-5770(you may leave a voicemail).

Hartford Drop Box

DRS has also set up a drop box, where patrons can bring hard copies of their state tax payments and documents, available at our main office in Hartford. The drop box is monitored continually, with distribution to appropriate DRS personnel daily.

File Your State Return Online

When ready, the quickest way to file a state income tax return – and the quickest way to receive a tax refund, if one is expected – is online. DRS offers free, electronic filing of individual income tax forms through the DRS Taxpayer Service Center (TSC), which is easy to use and secure, beginning in late January.

DRS Contact Information and Resources

Normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone (ask questions and request paper forms by mail):

- 860-297-5962 (from anywhere)

- 800-382-9463 (Connecticut calls outside the Greater Hartford calling area only)

- 860-297-4911 (TTY, TDD, and Text Telephone users only)

Taxpayers may also call 711 for relay services. A taxpayer must tell the 711 operator the number he or she wishes to call. The relay operator will dial it and then communicate using a TTY with the taxpayer.

Email: (general questions only)


DRS Drop Box: Bring to street level building entrance at 450 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT, during normal business hours.

File your state income tax return online: (select Individual)