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Pass-Through Entity Tax Forms

Prior Year's Pass-Through Entity Forms


Name Description Revised
CT-1065/CT-1120 SI 2022 Connecticut Pass-Through Entity Tax Instructions
CT-1065/CT-1120SI 2022 Connecticut Pass-Through Entity Tax Return 12/2022
Supplemental Attachment 2022 CT-1065/CT-1120SI Supplemental Attachment 12/2022
CT-1065/CT-1120SI EXT 2022 Application for Extension of Time to File Connecticut Pass-Through Entity Tax Return 12/2022
Schedule CT K-1 2022 Member's Share of Certain Connecticut Items 12/2022
CT-1065/CT-1120 SI ES - (Coupon) 2023 Estimated Connecticut Pass-Through Entity Tax 12/2022
CT-1065/CT-1120 SI ES - (Coupon) 2022 Estimated Connecticut Pass-Through Entity Tax 12/2021
Schedule CT-CE Combined Election 12/2022
Schedule CT-CE Supplemental Combined Election Supplemental Attachment 12/2022
Schedule CT-AB Alternative Base Calculation 12/2022
Schedule CT-AB Supplemental Alternative Base Calculation Supplemental Attachment 12/2022
Schedule CT-NR Elective Composite Income Tax Remittance Calculation 12/2022
Schedule CT-NR Supplemental Elective Composite Income Tax Remittance Calculation Supplemental Attachment 12/2022
Worksheet CT-2210 PE Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Pass-Through Entities 12/2022
Schedule CT-PE Pass-Through Entity Tax Credit 12/2022