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Bulk Form Distribution Sites  - 2018

Beginning on or about January 2, 2019, the 2018 Connecticut individual income tax booklets will be available at the locations identified on the lists below.

There are several changes this year to be aware of that are a result of increased number of taxpayers filing electronically and fewer taxpayers using paper forms. Also a budgetary cost savings measure.

  • Booklets now contain the Returns and Schedules; along with the tax tables. The detailed instructions have been removed from printed version. The full booklet including all instructions is available on the Current Individual Income Tax Forms  page on our website
  • Fewer booklets were printed, a one-time delivery will be made to distribution sites, there will be no replenishment of booklets after initial delivery due to cost saving measures.
  • The distribution sites only include town halls and libraries, not post offices.
Before you continue your search for paper returns why not visit the Connecticut Taxpayer Service Center (TSC) for the simplest method to file your Connecticut income tax return. Electronically filing your return is fast, easy, and secure!
You can access the locations by the following categories:
NOTE: Although DRS distributes income tax booklets to these locations, we cannot guarantee the day-to-day available supply at each location.