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2016 Corporation Forms


Name Description Revised Date
CT-1120 2016 Connecticut Corporation Business Tax Instruction Booklet 12/2016

Business Tax Returns

Name Description Revised Date
 CT-1120  2016 Corporation Business Tax Return 12/2016
 CT-1120A  Corporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation (with instructions) 12/2016
 CT-1120 ATT  Corporation Business Tax Return Attachment Schedules H, I, and J (with instructions) 12/2016
 CT-1120AB  Add Back and Exceptions to Add Back of Interest and Intangible Expenses 12/2016
 CT-1120K  Business Tax Credit Summary 12/2016
 CT-1120I  Computation of Interest Due on Underpayment of Estimated Tax (with instructions) 12/2016
 CT-1120 EXT  Application for Extension of Time to File Corporation Business Tax Return (with instructions) 12/2016
 CT-1120X  Amended Corporation Business Tax Return 12/2016
 CT-1120X - Inst  Amended Corporation Business Tax Return (Instructions) 12/2016
 CT-1120 CU BOOKLET  2016 Combined Unitary Corporation Business Tax Booklet  01/2017
 CT-1120 CU ALERT  Alert Regarding Instructions to Form CT-1120CU-NI, Part III, Line 7 Gains Adjustment 10/2017
 CT-1120 CU  2016 Combined Unitary Corporation Business Tax Return  01/2017
 CT-1120A-CU  2016 Apportionment Computation for Combined Unitary Filers  01/2017
 CT-1120CU-NI  2016 Tax on Combined Group Net Income  01/2017
 CT-1120CU-MTB  2016 Tax on Combined Group Minimum Tax Base  01/2017
 CT-1120CU-MI  2016 Combined Group Member Information  01/2017
 CT-1120CU-NCB  2016 Nexus Combined Base Tax Calculation  01/2017
 CT-DTLD  Statement of Net Deferred Tax Liability Deduction  03/2017

Other Corporation Forms

Name Description
Revised Date
AU-796   Reinstatement Guarantee Declaration for Non-stock Corporations  03/2008
AU-797   Dissolution Guarantee Declaration for Stock Corporations  04/2008
AU-800a   Withdrawal Guarantee Declaration for Corporations  03/2008
AU-801   Reinstatement Guarantee Declaration for Stock Corporations  03/2008
 CT-1120A-A  Corporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation-Air Carriers  03/2017
 CT-1120 A-BMC  Corporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation - Motor Bus and Motor Carrier Companies 12/2016
 CT-1120 A-BPE  Corporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation - Broadcasters and Production Entities 12/2016
 CT-1120 A-CCA  Corporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation of Income From Credit Card Activities 12/2016
 CT-1120 A-FS  Corporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation of Income from Financial Service Companies Activities 12/2016
 CT-1120 A-IRIC  Corporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation of Income from Services to Regulated Investment Companies 12/2016
 CT-1120 A-LP  Corporation Business Tax Return Apportionment of Limited Partnership Interests 12/2016
 CT-1120 A-SBC  Corporation Business Tax Return Apportionment Computation - Securities Brokerage Services 12/2016
 CT-1120 PIC  Information Return for Passive Investment Companies  01/2014

Credit Forms

Name Description Revised Date
CT-1120 AT Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 DA Digital Animation Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 DL Donation of Land Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 EDPC Electronic Data Processing Equipment Property Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 FCIC Fixed Capital Investment Credit 12/2016
CT-1120FP Film Production Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 FPI Film Production Infrastructure Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 GB Green Building Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 HCIC Human Capital Investment Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 HH Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 HP Historic Preservation Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 HPC Housing Program Contribution Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 HR Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 HS Historic Structures Rehabilitation Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-IRF Insurance Reinvestment Fund Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 MEC Machinery and Equipment Expenditure Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 NJC New Jobs Creation Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 RC Research and Experimental Expenditures Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 RDC Research and Development Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 SBA Small Business Guaranty Fee Tax Credit 12/2016
CT-1120SF Service Facility Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 TIC-EZ Manufacturing Facility Credit for Facilities Located in a Targeted Investment Community/Enterprise Zone NOTE: This form replaces Forms CT-1120CRMC, CT-1120CRMCEZ, CT-1120MC and CT-1120MCEZ 12/2016
CT-UISR Urban and Industrial Site Reinvestment Credit 12/2016
CT-1120 XCH Application for Exchange of Research and Development or Research and Experimental