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The CT Earned Income Tax Credit: You Earned It, So Don't Let Anyone Steal It!

The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) wants to protect taxpayers from crooks who will use a variety of methods to steal your refund. Take these precautions before filing your CT-EITC, Connecticut Earned Income Tax Credit:

Protect social security numbers and other identity information to prevent claims being made without your knowledge. 

Be wary of predatory preparers who offer to prepare your Schedule CT-EITC for a high fee or percentage of your refund.

Check the person’s qualification. New regulations require all paid tax return preparers to apply for a Preparer Tax Identification Number before preparing any federal tax returns.

Make sure you will be able to contact the tax preparer after the return has been filed, even after the April due date, in case questions arise.

Most reputable preparers will request to see your records and receipts and will ask you multiple questions to determine your total income and your qualifications for expenses, deductions and other items.

Review your tax return before signing it and ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

Never sign a blank return.

Make sure the preparer signs the form and includes their PTIN

Report suspected tax fraud to DRS through our website.

Taxpayers who need help filing for their Schedule CT-EITC can review this listing on free Voluntary Income Tax Assistance locations or call Infoline 211 for an appointment.

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