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Electronic Payment Options

There are two electronic payment options currently available to business taxpayers - Direct Payment of Tax Using the TSC and Electronic Funds Transfer.

ACH Direct Payment using myconneCT or the Taxpayer Service Center (TSC): 

myconneCT and the TSC offers a convenient and paperless way to file and pay...Safely and securely and free of charge!

Direct Payment - Using this method, taxpayers file their return electronically using myconneCT or the TSC program and select a payment date (the date of payment can be any date up to the due date).  DRS will electronically debit the selected bank account for the funds on the day that the taxpayer selects. That means that with 1 transaction the return is filed and payment is scheduled.There is no pre-registration requirement to use this option.

ACH Credit - Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is an electronic method of making a payment that replaces having to write a check. An EFT is handled through the Automated Clearing House System (ACH), a nationwide network that electronically transfers funds. Some businesses are mandated to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer due to the prior year's tax liability.  Those businesses are notified by the Department of this requirement.  Businesses that are not mandated may register for Electronic Funds Transfer. Visit the EFT Web Page for more information.