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Add Additional Taxes

If your business has a valid Connecticut tax registration number and needs to add additional tax types to its existing registration, follow the directions below:

ONLINE - After you Login to the Taxpayer Service Center (TSC-BUS) using your existing CT Tax Registration Number, choose Register for Additional Tax Types on the left toolbar. You can register for most taxes using the TSC. Registering online provides several key advantages:

  • Reduces errors;
  • Fast, easy, secure;
  • Confirmation of Receipt;
  • Electronic Payment of Fees; and
  • Temporary permit assigned and available to print immediately (for sales tax accounts).  Temporary permit may be used until receipt of Connecticut Tax Registration Package in approximately 10 days.

PAPER - To add any other tax to an existing registration, complete Form REG-1, Business Taxes Application, and check "Registering for Additional Taxes". See below for the list of taxes which require an Addendum in addition to Form REG-1:

Addendum A  Cigarette Taxes and Tobacco Products Tax 
Addendum B  Admissions and Due Taxes, Dry Cleaning Surcharge, Rental Surcharge, and Tourism Surcharge 
Addendum C  Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax, Petroleum Product, and Gross Earnings Tax 
Addendum D                 Alcoholic Beverage Tax 
Addendum E  Community Antenna Television System Companies Tax, Certified Video Service Provider, Railroad Companies Tax, Satellite Companies Tax, Solid Waste Assessment, Suppliers of Natural Gas, and Utility Companies

Note: If you are registering for the Tobacco Products Tax or any of the taxes listed that require Addendum C, D, or E, you must register by mail or in person at our Hartford office. To register for all other taxes listed above, we recommend our online Taxpayer Service Center (TSC-BUS) registration option.